Frequently Asked Questions

What is stitchy?

Stitchy is a video collaboration and sharing mobile application where you start a video and let other friends add to them. You can explore videos that others have started and stitch a video clip of your own to it and watch the result.

What is a Stitchy Video?

A stitchy video is a collection and collaboration of 3 videos recorded and stitched together by maximum of 3 different users.

How do I start a Stitchy video?

Tap on the + icon from the menu, record your video clip up to 10 seconds then give it a title and PUBLISH. Once your video is published, it is automatically shared with everyone on the platform and they can watch or stitch their clips to it.

How do I stitch a clip to a video?

On top of every video clip there are image of users who started or stitched a clip to that video. If the number of users are less than 3, you are able to stitch your clip to the video. You can do this by tapping on the "ADD Video" on top of video, record your clip and stitch it to the end of that video.

Where can I find the videos I have started or Stitched?

You can find all your videos in your "My Profile" page

How do I share a Stitchy Video?

On the bottom of every video you see a (●●●) more icon. Tap on the more icon and choose to share any video you like.

How do I report a Video?

On the bottom of every video you see a (●●●) more icon. Tap on the more icon and choose to Report any video you think is not suitable to watch.

Who can watch my videos and clips?

All the videos can bee seen by anyone. Anyone with a link to your video can view it, even if they are not using Stitchy app. Also users may want to save the videos on their device and share them with their friends if they wish too.

Is it free to use Stitchy?

Stitchy is 100% free to use! No membership fees or payment is required.

I have other concerns, queries or question. what should I do?

Please contact us directly for any support or questions by visiting our contact page. We are more than happy to help :)

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